Level of enhanced performance
Performance level evaluates the change of business indicators: sales, revenue, costs, service quality. Course in sales is not the only factor that affects sales. Advertising campaigns, seasonality, new products also influence it. If training and other factors have coincided, its impact on business indicators is harder but still possible to evaluate.
Here we use two tools.
Before-after evaluation by executive
It is not about business indicators yet, but a subjective evaluation. Executives can see changes that are not considered in operational indicators, and they can be more important.
For example, workers have appreciated training for work — this insight cannot be expressed in numbers. Even if the business indicators have not changed, the result is already there: it will be easier to involve people in new courses and achieve better results.
KPI before and after
We do not evaluate performance immediately after training, but at least a month later. If the indicators have increased and the result is maintained after the course for a month, a quarter, six months — the training was effective. If the effect weakens or disappears over time, we talk to the employees again to find out why this has happened.
For example, with enthusiasm, people work more actively after the course, apply new tools, and are emotionally invested in the business. But the results do not appear immediately, and people lose motivation. It is important to explain that this is normal: the effect comes over time.
What is important for business
Usually executives are not interested in the effectiveness of the training, they want business results. It is fair, because if the development of employees does not affect the development of the business, something is going wrong.

With these tools you can prove to managers the effectiveness of corporate training and make sure that educational programs help employees develop professionally.